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Should I rent or buy?

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Find your dream home, call Eddie and learn how to buy it  with Low Down payment (oac)

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How does the low down payment option Work?
Frequently Asked Questions:
1- How does Low Down payment option work?
Some Lenders will allow qualified clients to put down a very low down payment provided they meet a specific criteria like having good credit and steady provable employment. Call me for details.
2- Is a Very Low Down Payment option a good option or should I wait until I have a downpayment?

It is by far better to buy a house today with Low Down payment than to wait until you can save for a down payment.

It takes a long time for most people to save 5% down payment or more, by the time they have the money, prices have already gone up . A house today will likely cost even more the following year and the interest rates may also increase.
So the longer you wait, chances are the more you will pay for the house and interest rate. As well, if you pay $1,000 on rent every month for example, you will again waste $12,000 each year.

So waiting may not really work in your favor.

3- What do I need to qualify?
Definitely good credit, good employment, you must be a permanent resident of Canada or a citizen and you will need extra money for the closing costs.
4- What is the interest rate for a Low down payment option?

The rate will be a bit higher than the normal rate but I can show you some numbers before you make any decision, and remember: when you pay rent, you are paying 100% interest rate since that's all you are paying, not one penny from your rent money is ever going to return to you, it's all gone! Rent is just a different word for "mortgage", but it'll never be paid off. You could rent for a thousand years and all you're doing is you're throwing out that money!

By the way, I say all this not to criticize renters but to encourage them to at least consider buying a house. Let me show you how it works, then you can decide for yourself and whatever your decision is, I will be grateful for your time.

5- What happens if I can't pay the mortgage? Will I lose the house?

When you rent and fall behind on your payment, you get evicted. It's embarrasing and all the money you paid on rent all those years will have been wasted forever.

When you default on your mortgage, you will have the option to sell your house, most of the time, at a profit and keep what's left over. All the equity you built on the property is money you get to keep.

You can also down size, refinance, you can sell, pay off your debt etc.

There is no doubt owning is by far a better option!


6- What if I don't have credit?
Call me and I will gladly tell you how I can assist you.
7- Can I buy anything I want and anywhere I want?

You can buy any type of house or condo with Low Down Payment with me anywhere in Ontario. The maximum price of the property will be determined by the Lender so as to ensure you can comfortably afford it.

I will not sell you a house that you cannot afford. My goal is to make sure you can comfortably afford the payments on your house. Remember, you still have to eat, pay bills, support your family and enjoy life.

8- Is there a "catch" with the Low down payment option?
There is no catch, the only thing of course is, you will pay a slightly higher interest rate but you will be told exactly what that rate will be when you apply. Remember, you will be told all the numbers before you actually proceed with it.
9- How do I find out if I qualify for Low Down payment Option?
Call me at 905 450 8300 and I will discuss things with you.
10- What happens if I don't qualify?
Even if you don't qualify, I will gladly advise you on what to do to qualify in the near future.
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